Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fear not the Golden Nectar from the Land of the Rising Sun!

The future of one of our favorite whisky regions has been a concerning topic of discussion as of late. After the devastating earthquake, tsunami and radiation exposure, it is wondered what will become of our beloved Japanese whiskies? After researching numerous resources, the outlook is surprisingly good. Most distilleries did not receive much structural damage other than a few bottles broken and disruption in transportation. Overall, the recorded levels of radiation in the areas of whisky distilleries is less than the radiation a R/T flight from NYC to LA causes.

More so, Japanese Distilleries elected to voluntarily submit samples to a Government-approved testing center in Japan starting at the beginning of April 2011 and tested over the following few days. The results conclusively show that these products have been unaffected by radio-nuclides.

So....drink up, we've got at least 20 yrs' worth before the concern of new materials, water, etc, comes into the picture!

And with that being said, we have a new lovely specimen on our shelf-

Suntory Hibiki 12Y.
This offering has been aged in numerous oak barrels of varying size, shape and wood type, including the rare Mizunara oak. The 12 year is pure and clean, with a fruity palate and a soft, mellow and slightly sweet body.

We also have on hand the 12Y and 18Y Yamazaki from Suntory. Both made with malted barley, special yeast strains and aged in American, Spanish and Japanese oak casks. The 12Y lends itself to the Bourbon fan with its medium-bodied sake smooth and creaminess with notes of nuts, apricots and oaky vanilla. The 18Y version is matured in sherry casks with a woody nose. Maintains a beautiful balance with soft tannins, with lots of spice, oranges, and apples. The finish is exceptional as it lingers away.

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