Wednesday, June 1, 2011

And you thought Utah was just for Mormons....

This week we shed light on a little ol' distillery highly rated, regarded and awarded, out West in the high country of Park City, Utah, right at the bottom of the Quittin' Time ski run. Relatively new on our shelves, this brand encompasses the creativity and pure passion for straight American Whiskies as Compass Box does for their single malt scotch blends.

So far there are 3 High West options in house to sink your taste buds into:

High West Double Rye: This rye combines 2 straight-ryes, one aged 2 yrs (95% rye/5% corn), the other 16 yrs (53% rye/37% corn) to produce a truly unique rye with gin-like juniper qualities and a pronounced spiced honey flavor and body to bring it all home. The addition of the elder rye helps to curb the bite of the youngn' and therefore create a match made in Cradle-robbin' heaven.

High West Silver Western Oat Whiskey (85% oats/15% barley malt)is an Un-aged (white-dog if you will) American oat whiskey of the finest sipping quality. Young yet delightfully complex, with hints of anise, apple and pear and a lightly delicate body. 2010 ADI Craft American Whiskey Competition Best Un-Aged Whiskey winner.

High West Rocky Mountain 21Y Rye (53% rye/37% corn/10% barley malt) This rye is of a very remarkable sort. By aging in used oak barrels, it's taste is less influenced by the wood resulting in a softer, smoother rye chock full of warm spice, candied corn, vanilla and caramel. This is one to pour your whole heart into!

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