Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Tasting Series #6

   The White Whiskey
     Saturday, August 25th   7pm
      $35 Clubroom Members
      $50 Non-Members


School is back in session and so are our Tasting Series! Join us as we sample some of our favorite White Whiskeys held in house. From white dog to white lightening and everything in between, we'll learn what makes this style of whiskey so popular as of late and each so special and unique. Limited tix available. For Tickets

Friday, August 10, 2012

Yehmon! Not Your Typical Rum

 Since 1968 Silvano Samaroi has used his fine honed palate to hand select and bottle some of the world's finest whiskies. For some time, he was the only non-British or non-Scottish person doing this type of work and doing it very well. Then came a trip to the Caribbean, when and where he fell in love with Rum. All of Samaroli's rums are hand picked barrels from small distilleries all along the Equator from Cuba to Fiji; they are then shipped back to his facility in Scotland for bottling and aging- preferring the aging seasons in Scotland to produce a finer quality rum.

His passion is our gain, and it is quite an honor to have on hand Rums that are so select that we most likely won't find their equals again!

Samaroli selections in house:

Caribbean 2003- Casks #6 and #8, Cuba
(As you can guess, can't be labeled Cuban in the US).
Bottle #89 of 648, aged 7 years a the time of bottling. 90 Proof

Flavor profile: Young, crisp, very clean with a fast finish. Has notes of vanilla, turbinado sugar, nutmeg and toasted nuts.

Fiji 2001- Cask #1, Fiji Islands
Bottle #235 of 350. Distilled in the Fiji Islands 2001. 90 Proof

Flavor profile: Grassy and medicinal nose. On the tongue smooth and buttery with balanced ripe banana, coconut and hint of hibiscus flower.

Guadeloupe 1998 Rhum Agricole- Casks #39 and #50
Bottle #161 of 330. Distilled in Guatemala. 90 Proof

Flavor profile: Spicy and smokey, slightly Scotch like in style, subtle vanilla. Finished in a used whiskey barrel and has a pressed cane flavor true to Agricole rhums.

Yehmon Evolution 2011- Multi-Cask, Caribbean Area
Bottle #238. Distilled in the Caribbean Area. 90 Proof
This 2011 blended rum features 12.5% each from the following single barrel selections:
1988 Demerara Dark Rum, 1990 Demerara Dark Rum, 1998 Demerara Dark Rum, 1996 Barbados, 2001 Barbados, 1992 Jamaica, 2000 Jamaica, and 2001 Fiji

Flavor profile: Complex and interesting. Vibrant with toasted nuts and vanilla, sassafras root during the finish.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Dram and a Stick

Calling all Triangle-area Cigar Aficionados! Tonight in the Clubroom we have a membership drive for the Bull City Smokers Cigar Club, which meets here monthly on the last Wednesdays at 8p.  

For tonight's special meeting we'll have a Glenmorangie tasting courtesy of the folks at Whiskey and Southern Wine & Spirits. Come early at 7:30 for a seat!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hot Summer Nights...

Just because it's wicked hot out, not to mention humidity as all, doesn't mean one has to remain locked up in front of the A/C at home. We've got live music, A/C, and best of all, cool cocktails or better yet- a dram of the brown stuff, on a rock or two if you need it. Here's a few events to sway you to brave those sweltering nights:
Live Music:
EVERY THURSDAY 10(ish) Brian Horton Trio
SAT 7/14 9p Ironing Board Sam
SAT 7/21 9p Ryan Hanseler & guests

LAST WEDNESDAYS 8p Bull City Cigar Club mtg

We'll be here

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

We're Ramping Things Up....

You may have noticed a few changes here and there at Whiskey and the Club Room. Not only have we keep true to offering a Tasting Series event in the Club Room every month, starting the long awaited Cigar Club (last Wed of every month 8p in the Club Room), you will see in the coming months an updated website (visible on mobile devices), as well as a revival of Whiskey's blog- The Snifter and the Shaker.

As always, we appreciate your continued patronage and enthusiasm for the brown spirits and traditional cocktails as we do!

Topic or tasting you'd like to see? Email us!